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About Us

I have 30 years of experience working as a an AP and AI mechanic rebuilding and building planes. As the owner of Supercubs North, I have focused the last 10 years on the building and design of experimental Supercubs. I have built winning design Cubs that have taken first place in the Bush Class at the Valdez STOL competition for the last four years.


I have joined up with Airframes Alaska and Bush Wheels and are continuing to develop the tail wheel suspension system to offer a direct replacement of the leaf spring design commonly found on many tail wheel equipped aircraft.


The T3 Suspension, I developed and tested on my own Experimental Cub, has been not only fun to create and test but has proven to have a better than expected performance.  Working with Airframe Alaska, we are continuing to develop the T3 Suspension to easily adapt to other types of tail wheeled aircraft.  We’ve had installations done on Piper Cubs, SQ and Backcountry Cubs, Bearhawk, Kolb and a Galstar.  


We have been working closely with installers to assure successful installation and provide support every step of the way.  We want you to be satisfied with the T3 and enjoy the suspension benefits it offer.

 Any questions please call. 

Airframes Alaska 907-331-4480


Dan Dufault 207-322-4452


Safe flying and friendly skies,     

Daniel Dufault